New Website Project

You may remember my earlier post about researching holiday home websites; the good news is – it was all worth it because we won!

SHL_CompanyLogo_2013-1024x610It’s quite an exciting project for me, I really enjoy getting my teeth into a good web build and this one is no exception. Although the booking system is remaining the same (with a upgrade) we’l be implementing a new design and new CMS.

The site will be based around the development of personas and user journeys, rather than looking at the individual pages and making users choose their own path.

Anyway, it is far too early to give the game away but as soon as the first iteration goes live in August 2014, I’ll be sure to update.

“Shorefield Holidays are delighted to be working with the NUKO agency towards the delivery of a new online presence as part of our digital strategy for 2014 and beyond.” – Marketing Manager

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