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What an amazing weekend! This Saturday I took part in┬áthe hardest race challenge to date – the Rat Race Dirty Weekend. 20 miles. 200 obstacles.

We signed up as a team of 10 but ended up running as a team of 7; even with a few men down we were still raring to go. Following breakfast at 4:30am, by 8:30am we were lined up at the start ready to take on the 20 miles and crazy obstacles that lay ahead.

Stunning entrance to Burghley House

Stunning entrance to Burghley House

Before we knew it, we were already onto our first obstacles of the race and it wasn’t long until we were faced with swampy bogs – wading thought gunk then jumping into freezing cold water.

The course was tough and my entire body was put through its paces but the obstacles were fun and lots of team work was involved to make it over each of them.

There was a great spirit all the way around the course; people helping one another by pushing, pulling and launching bodies over barriers!

Image borrowed from Mudstacle

The tyre wall (image from Mudstacle) was a tough one – they are pretty hard to hold on to and the wall was pretty high! The haystacks were good fun, launching yourself up each tier. The water was cold but ‘Walk the plank’ was worth the temporary shivers.


The FInal Furlong

After 19 miles, the final furlong was in our sights. With our bodies tired, bruised and legs wobbly we had one last push to go until we were heading over the finish line. The last obstacle was tough, three walls of working as a team to get each of our members up and over. We did it. A quick photo pose at the top before making our way all the way back down and over the finishing line.

We completed in 6 hours. Not bad for our first assault course race.

Rat RAce Dirty Weekend Results

Our reward? A brilliant after party featuring Reverend and the Makers and Greg James.

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Dirty Weekend 2014 - FInal

Verdict? A truly brilliant event. Physically and mentally challenging but super rewarding when it is all over. A great way to spend a day with friends in beautiful surroundings.

Who is ready to sign up for Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2015? #imafilthymucker


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