What to wear for running

Emily Torjussen Running Hastings

Once you are over the tough part of starting to run and you are enjoying it, then comes the next part. Clothing. What should I wear when I’m running?

Initially, most people feel paranoid about how they look and tend to opt for baggy clothing. I was the same – a large t-shirt to cover sins. As you start to run more, you begin to realise the importance of getting your running outfit correct as it makes a huge difference when you are out for longer. Also, you eventually stop caring what other people think.

A few things I have learnt so far:

  • Cheap, heavy cotton t-shirts get heavy when wet and rub. A big no-no.
  • Invest in a good sports bra and regularly change it.
  • If you run a lot, you will stink no matter how frequently you wash your kit. Get multiple items.
  • If you are going to spend your cash somewhere, get the correct shoes. Do not go cheap if you have a choice.
  • You do not need compression clothing when you start out.
  • Buy your new trainers a couple of months before you need them. Alternate as your old ones are wearing out.
  • Buy feminine tops rather than wearing man stuff. They are designed for boobs and hips.
  • You will start to have a fondness for crazy-bright clothing, even if it clashes.
  • Invest in something reflective, a cheap tabard will do.

There are a huge range of brands out there and it can be a bit of a minefield when you start out. Below is my current kit list that has worked really well for me over the last year.

Running shoes

My brand of choice are Brooks. Im neutral so the Glycerin has worked well for me on the road. Trail shoes feel very different and it took me a little while to get used to them but the Pure Grit 2 shoe has seen me through some tough races and is still holding together!

Brooks Glycerin 11

Road Shoes – Brooks Glycerin 11

Brooks Pure Grit 2

Trail shoe – Brooks Pure Grit 2

Running bra

I have always stuck to Shock Absorber for my sports bras, long before running. As I have a DD cup, good support is very important and I have found this brand to preform every time. One bra I did purchase is the Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge Sports Bra, seemed like a good idea at the time but its not great for running. I keep that for less intense activity now.

Active Zipped Plunge Bra with a front-opening

Active Zipped Plunge Bra – a bit fiddly but suitable for gym and strength work

Ultimate Run Bra

Ultimate Run Bra – perfect for running.

Running tops

There are a lot of tops I have worn for running, which would take a while to list but there is one brand that I have taken quite a liking to. This is a brand called Striders Edge, which is made for women (sorry chaps) and you can tell the clothing has been considered for its audience. A little bit on the pricey side but worth it. It wears well, washes well and fits the female form.


Good for cold weather and obstacle races – Striders Edge ENDURANCE INSULITE L/S

EC-Map Breathe T - Emerald Blue

Summer top – Stiders Edge EC-Map Breathe T

Essential C-Map Vest - Emerald Blue

Summer top when you want a tan – Essential C-Map Vest

Running bottoms

Finally, the bottom half. I mostly stick to Nike Dri Fit range. I tend to get really hot when I’m running so in the winter stick to the 3/4 length version and in the summer, upgrade to the shorts. I also have a pair of skins but it has only been cold enough to wear them a few times.

Nike Dri Fit Range

Nike Dri Fit Range

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