Older Adults and Online Usage

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CC-License: CC BY Photo: Markus Spiske / www.temporausch.com

A report by Pew Internet shows technology usage by American adults (seniors) aged 65 and over. A sample of 1,500 adults aged 65 and over took part.

Top level statistics include:

  • 59% of seniors go online and the other 41% do not go online at all
  • Among seniors who use the internet, 71% go online every day
  • 77% of seniors have a mobile phone
  • Internet usage drops off dramatically from the age of 75 onwards
  • 2 in 5 seniors have physical conditions or health issues that make it difficult to use new technologies
  • 77% of seniors would need someone to help them learn to use tech such as smart phones and tablets
  • Seniors are more likely to own a tablet or e-reader than a smartphone
  • 46% of online seniors use social networking sites such as Facebook but only 6% use Twitter
  • 81% of older adults who use social networking sites say that they socialise with others


You can see the full report over at Pew Internet.

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