Exploring: Deadman’s Plack

Dead Man's Plack

Dead Man’s Plack

I wanted to seek out Dead Man’s Plack, a monument down the road in Longparish. We decided to combine this with a small recovery run for Dan. I have also purchase a running vest, which I was keen to test out.

We parked on the Middleway, not too far from the entrance into the woodland where the monument is located. It was just under a mile until we reached the area, which was well signposted.  You can barely see the inscription on the front, but there are plenty of posts about explaining the story.

Dan holding up the monument

Dan holding up the monument


Say Cheese!

Dad mans plack

The path continued towards to A303; we decided to run up to take a look but then turned around.

I was also using this as a test run for my new race vest, the inov-8 Ultra Race Vest. I am trying to up the miles and time on my feet so have been looking for a solution for carrying water and food. I found belts difficult to get along with, they tend to bounce around with a huge water bottle on the back so thought a vest could work a lot better.

inov-8 ultra race vest

inov-8 ultra race vest

I didn’t get on too well with the water bladder, I could feel the water pack moving about which was a bit uncomfortable. Removing the bladder and using water bottles worked much better. The vest is light and you can hardly feel it when running.

The real test will be a decent mileage with water, fuel and essentials.

Endomondo results

If you are in the area, it is certainly worth exploring the area. A nice plod or wander on a Sunday afternoon.

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