Race: Hursley 10k

Hursley 10k 2014

Today, Sunday 21st September 2014, was the Hursley 10k. This was my second time running this event and it is a course I throughly enjoy.   It is a multi-terrain course  that is well organised and signposted. It even has a motivation quote every km, to keep you going.

Due to it being a glorious summer, the trail part of the course was pretty dry underfoot. No big, muddy bogs to navigate through this year. It was pretty warm this year so I was sweating after the first ten minutes.

Dan & Emily Hursley 10k Start

Dan & Emily Hursley 10k Start

The course takes you through some private land, the Home Farm Estate, so it isn’t one you can practice beforehand. The course then goes into Ampfield Wood, which is beautiful and has plenty of shade to cool off.  There are no roads or traffic to worry about on this course.

Hursley 10k Course 2014

Hursley 10k Course 2014

At around 6km starts the mean hill; this year all my training had paid off and I was able to run the entire thing but a lot of people had stopped to take a breather and walk this part.  There are a couple of water stops. One well placed near the top of this hill.

The final stretch of the course has a short bit of woodland then goes out into the field for the final push to the finish line. This year, I remembered not to push myself too hard once out of the woods, but to wait until I made it over the little bridge to give it my all until the finish.  I crossed the finish line in 56 minutes this year, shaving two minutes off my time in 2013.

Emily & Dan - finished with medals

Emily & Dan – finished with medals

I felt really great after the race this year. The sun was still shining, there were lots of supporters around and the atmosphere was buzzing. If you are looking for a fun, slightly muddy challenge next year then I recommend the Hursely 10k.



  1. Dan
    21st September 2014 / 16:44

    That’s a pretty sexy Land Rover in the background

    • 21st September 2014 / 17:49

      Yeah, it’s okay. Needs a bit of a clean tho.

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