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The moment had come where it was time to change my running shoes. I have possibly left it a little longer than I should have but the new model of the shoe is out so it seemed like a good time. I’ve opted for the Brooks Pure Grit 3, here is my review.

Brooks Pure Grit 2

My Brooks Pure Grit 2 when they were clean

Previously I have been running in the Brooks Pure Grit 2, these have been my only pair of trail shoes and they came highly recommended. They have seen me through some races, the Rat Race Dirty Weekend being the longest race (both distance and time). I have to admit, they have never really been that comfy.

I always found them very tight on the widest part of my left foot. It felt as if the shoe was twisted.

I never got any blisters from the shoes, a few sore bits, but I don’t think they caused any long-term damage. I just never really found them as comfortable as everyone else made out. However, my road shoes are also Brooks and I was a bit reluctant to go to another brand. Especially after paying out almost £100. So I stuck with them.

When the Brooks Pure Grit 3 were release, there were reports that there has been a fair bit of restyling (i’ll be honest, most of it didn’t mean much to me) but there was mention that the shape had changed slightly and that the band part had been reformed. So I wanted to give them a try.

Brooks Pure Grit 3

Brooks Pure Grit 3

For those of you out there that do speak shoe-tech, the new shoe offers:

  • BioMoGo DNA midsole provides adaptive cushioning
  • Rounded heel offers better alignment minimising stress on joints
  • Forefoot propulsion plate provides a powerful toe-off
  • Nav-band wraps your foot for comfortable security
  • Weight 8.1 oz
  • Midsole drop 4mm
  • Aggressive 3D hex lugs on the outsole

See what I mean?

Brooks Pure Grit 3 - Post Run

Brooks Pure Grit 3 – Post Run


I located a pair and tried them on. As you can guess from the images above, I purchased them.

The Pure Grit 3 is so much better than the Pure Grit 2. As soon as I put it on, the discomfort and tightness I felt in the older model was no longer there.

Different Shape

The laces are not quite as ‘twisty’ this time (my words, not Brooks) and the shop assistant mentioned that the band (red and yellow stripy bit in the picture) isn’t as tight as it was before and so it should feel more flexible.  I’m sure they have done a lot more to the shoe than that, but I think this has made the biggest difference for me.


I took them out for a test run (in mud of course) and I noticed the grip on the bottom felt stronger.

I’m usually a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to slippery looking hills, so I surprised myself when the shoe gripped the bank firmly and I wasn’t about to bottom-plant into the muddy puddle below. Another bonus point.

Image from

Image from

Bright Colours

The colours this time are great. It is just a shame they will get browner and browner.  I did try a couple of other pairs in the shop from other brands but I found them both quite heavy and, currently, I’m enjoying a lighter shoe.

Clearly, they still need lots of testing but initial review is I’m happy. They are not too bad on-road and seem nice and grippy on the muddy trails. If you are looking for a new pair of tail shoes, I recommend trying them on before you make a final decision.


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