Freebie Friday: Discoveries This Week For Digital Folk

A few of the best items we have been talking about this week. Mobile conversion, pep talk for designers and new websites for photographers and people who like organisation. Posted on Twitter throughout the week; ensure you are not missing out by following us

1. Not converting traffic coming from mobile?

Not converting traffic coming from mobile?

Not converting traffic coming from mobile?

User Testing explores why your mobile traffic may not be converting. It is based on US data, but is full of worthy recommendations to consider. Suggestions include looking at your use of wording/terminology, think about making items tappable, playing to the strengths of the device and making sure you test everything (on a mobile, of course). 

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2. Designers, stop being so self-critical.

Designers, stop being so self-critical.

Corbett Barr’s recent post explains why, as a designer, it is easy to get stuck into a negative cycle of criticising your own work. Break the cycle, get out of your comfort zone and improve your outlook.

3. Looking for a new link manager tool?


This week, we have been trying out Papaly. The latest board-style web app that can pull all of your useful links into one dashboard. You can share them with others or keep them to yourself.  If you are not a fan of browser bookmarking or you are looking for a cheap intranet solution, it is worth having a play.

4. Looking for cheap but decent photograph for your website?

Free Photography

If you are looking for photos to use commercially and are on a tight budget, then have a look at Stocksnap. The latest free stock photo site. Images are submitted by photographers who are then accredited by StockSnap. You can also submit your own photographs if you are looking for some exposure.

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