Review: London Winter Run 2015

The London Winter 10k took place on the 1st February 2015. Clearly all this running has made my brain mushy as I was certain I had already reviewed this race! So this is a little late in posting but my lack of memory will be filled with photos from the day.

Pre-race at Trafalgar Square

Pre-race at Trafalgar Square

This was down as a training run for me and I was really pleased with making my target time. Personally, it was going to act as a tiny dose of how the London Marathon will be. It was a nice course and very well organised and supported. The views are brilliant but watch out for the few corners that slow you down.

However, the race is for fun and there to raise awareness of cancer.

LWR 2015 - Polar Bears

LWR 2015 – Polar Bears

The Cancer Research UK London Winter Run encourages people to shake off the hibernation of the Christmas period and run a 10k. Starting by Westminster you head out to the Tower of London and then loop back past some of London’s iconic sites. It is a road race with a few cheeky little hills and bends to keep you alert.


The running crowd was really great but before you start there is a warm up session. There are a few hard-hitting figures. 

When the guy with the mic asked people to raise their hands if they have been affected by cancer, it was hard to spot anyone who didn’t have their hand up.

He then asked people to keep their hand up if there were currently having treatment. It was great to see that, regardless of their illness, people were out there giving the race a go. You can’t help but get a lump in your throat.

St Michaels Hospice Vest

St Michaels Hospice Vest

Dan ran with me, to help pace and push me along. It was like having my own Mr Motivator. It did help and kept me going when it was feeling a bit hard. I still find it difficult to judge when to push myself for the last bit. Can I last 1 mile? 2 miles? Or should I aim for a 400m sprint? As we were getting closer to the final mile I decided just to give it all I could. And hope not to throw up at the end.

The Cancer Research UK London Winter Run Route 2015

A Floating Finish

There were lots of photographers around the course and you can download all your images for one price. We were lucky to have our own supporter to hold bags and take some snaps. The course adds an element of fun. There are people dressed as polar bears, lots of freebies from brands, fake foamy snow, cheerleaders and you get a decent medal at the end. Not to be taken too seriously, definitely a race where having fun is key.

Winter Run Finish 2015

I managed it in 55 minutes. Not my fastest 10k (mostly due to the corners and foam snow) but I was pleased I managed to keep each mile under 9 minutes with my best mile being 8:30 at mile 5.

It means that, mentally, I know I can do this and I have it in me. I just have to believe in myself on race days.

The next one takes place on Sunday 31st January 2016, why not sign up and give it a go? Full photo album over on Flickr.



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