Social You – New Website

Since going full time with Social You in June 2014, we promised ourselves that we would get our company website up and running as soon as possible. The holding page would be a short term feature, for just a few months. It wasn’t a huge surprise when a year later, the new site still hadn’t gone live!

We had such a brilliant first year, packed full of new projects and clients, that we neglected our own website a little. However the wait was worth it. We managed to create something we’re all very proud of and makes use of some of the latest trends and technologies.

Social You - Social Feed

Social You – Social Feed

Social You - Homepage

Social You – Homepage

Social You - About

Social You – About

Social You - Projects

Social You – Projects

As with any website, this is an evolving process of changes and amends. If you have any feedback, I‘d love to hear it.

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