Review: Bedgebury 10k

A gorgeous sunny day was the backdrop for the Bedgebury 10k on Saturday 6th June. This race is part of the Trailblazer Series by Runners World which features a Half Marathon and 10k option for race distance.  This race was supported by Rat Race so we knew that it would be very well organised. It didn’t disappoint.
Set in the picturesque Bedgebury Pinetum, the course followed a wonderful route of trails and paths. At the finish line, there was an event village for supporters and sun-worshipers post-race with food, drink, merchandise stores as well as a few, fun activities for kids.
We were in the first wave for the 10k, that started at 11am. When we arrived the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly, there wasn’t the elitist feel you get at some races. There were plenty of toilets, registration was straight forward and it was a short walk to the start line.

The Course

The first part of the course is uphill, this is the steepest part of the course (apart from the end – more later on that) and is fairly tame and short lived. There was a great mixture of downhills, shade and paths to mix it up and keep it interesting. The temperature was really hot for the race and we were nearing midday for the run and it got the better of me.

Thankfully, there were 2 water stops on the course but unfortunately they were positioned at the bottom of a hill – both times.

I was having a really great race and I was lucky to be paced by Dan. Our first half was achieved in good time and my legs were feeling great. The hills were feeling easy and it was nice to be able to over take others who were walking up the hills.

Then it got to around 6k and I started to feel horrible. Too much sun.


I’m not the best runner in the heat, I get really warm, very quickly and with the sun beating on us I started to feel terrible. However. I was having a good race and I tried to convince myself that it was all in my head and that, after a few sips of water, I would be fine.

We then hit the last 1k and there we saw the final hill.  What a mean looking hill!

I was determined to give it everything. I wanted to finish in under an hour and I wanted my mum and friend to see my smiling as we went to finish, coming out of the hill. My body had other ideas. Right at the bottom of the hill I had to stop and wretch a few times. I was mortified! I didn’t want to be sick, especially not this close to the finish.

Another runner gave me some water and with a bit of encouragement from Dan, we pushed up the hill and to the finish.

Just steps before the finish line, I was feeling a bit wobbly still and was sure that I was going to fall over so I made Dan hold my hand across the finish! We made it over and after a bit of shade and hydration the colour came back and I felt fine.


The Swag

One of the great things about having a sponsor is the goody bag at the end. This one was full of goodies, especially given the distance. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some of it but the bag contained: A 2XU t-shirt, medal, Rat Race Buff, water, matcha green tea by teapigs, Curly Wurly, Trek bar, Urban Fruit, Bounce Energy and Vita Coco.


The Verdict


A lovely course, beautiful surrounding and well organised. A bit price for a 10k (we paid about £28 each) but you can get good, early bird deals.  This is a great course for people new to running and for those who drag their friends and family along to watch them.

See you there next year!

Thanks to Chris and Mary for being the support team and photographers for the day.

Full set of photo over on Flickr.

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