5 Tips For Getting Your Running Mojo Back

The last 3 or 4 weeks have been a bit quiet on the running front for me. I just haven’t really felt like going for a run and I have genuinely enjoyed having some time off. After the third week, I suddenly felt like my body had recovered. All the aches, niggles and pains from the last 6 months of training had finally disappeared. Being the sort of person who goes on and on about running (sorry everyone) I started to feel a bit guilty about NOT running. But how do you get back into it? Here are my 5 tips. 

5 things to try when you just don’t feel like exercising.

1. Man up – The first run will be hard work.

You’ve had time off, it seems like a lot of effort and the sofa looks very comfy.

I knew my first run would be the hardest run to do. Physically, I was tired and mentally I didn’t want too. I prepared for it for most of the day. I told myself there was no backing out. No excuses. I managed 3 miles and you know what? It wasn’t as bad after all.

Charge the Garmin!

Don’t forget to charge the Garmin!

2. Be realistic

You’ve probably read an article about how a 5am run will burn more calories and you are determined to set you alarm clock. Is that really going to happen? Maybe once, but mostly likely not. I didn’t rush straight back into running 3/4 times a week. I decided to run a couple of times a week but compliment it with some walking. I still got to go out but didn’t pressure myself into having to spend hours out running.

Consider what works for you and don’t set unrealistic expectations – you are more likely to stick to it that way.

3. Reminisce – Remember why you are doing it.

What made you run in the first place? What brilliant memories do you have of training runs or races? I decided to organise race photos, sort out my medals and get some pictures printed. It’s amazing how jogging (get-it?!) your memory can really help you to find some motivation.

Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2015

Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2015

4. Run with others – Set a time and date with a friend or running club.  Unless you really dislike running with other people of course! This way, you are less likely to back out.

You wouldn’t want to let your friend down, would you?

You will find strength in numbers and this might just be what you need to kick-start it all over again.

Post-Run Fish & Chips!

Post-Run Fish & Chips on Hastings Beach.

5. Set a goal

This could be a race, a distance you want to hit or a place you want to run. Don’t go overboard – think of small goals first – then work up to your big ones. I find entering a race and parting with my cash is a great motivation for getting out there and running again.

Now stop looking and your screen and go lace up your trainers!

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