Running the Pilgrims Way

On Sunday (28th June) we arranged a Sunday run with a few people we’ve met through the running club, WADAC. For one reason or another, only 3 of us ended up doing it.  Although we were short on numbers it still turned out to be a fun session.

We started at Five Bridges Road in Winchester and aimed to cover off some of the Pilgrims Way. Off road (as much as possible) and a bit of hilly terrain to make us work up our appetites!

Map for running route

Map for our running route today

Dan has already completed 13 miles when we met him (he’s training for a marathon) so Nasseem and I were all fresh, ready to keep him going for another 8 miles.

We headed out along the Itchen river, over to Shawford. This is a really pretty part that follows the river for miles. We turned off once we got to Shawford and headed towards Twyford, keeping our eyes peeled for the Twyford Waterworks.

Twyford Water Works

Twyford Water Works – Embracing The Hill

After about 2 miles we made it to the Waterworks, there is a path that runs alongside it, taking you off the road and starting the incline towards Morestead/Owslebury. Its a gentle incline but you start to feel it once you make it to the top.

From here there is a nice, rewarding downhill (Mare Lane) but then it is back up again shortly!

We got a little lost here as the Pilgrims Way has been officially redirected, but the signposting from our direction wasn’t very clear. There is a new fence in place and the route is now a little further down the road then straight across.

War Memorial

War Memorial

Once you’re back on the redirected route, you’ll soon see a War Memorial that is situated along the path.  The next stretch is fairly tough terrain but worth powering through.

It wasn’t long until we were back in the familiar area of the golf club and St Catherine’s hill. By this point we were all dripping with sweat. We had started late in the day but it was a really humid and sticky!

St Catherines Hill Winchester

The final uphill – views over to St Catherine’s Hill, Winchester

The run felt really good. Dan was, understandably, broken by mile 21 but I felt really strong and even managed a sprint along Five Bridges Road and back to the car. Nasseem was still smiling by the end. All our perseverance must be paying off!

A fun, but challenging route. A really strong run for me and a fair amount of ascent overall too! It certainly made up for the homemade Key Lime Pie that was waiting in the fridge at home…

Homemade Key Lime Pie

Mini Homemade Key Lime Pie

Map and run data below.

Winchester & Pilgrims Way  Route

Winchester & Pilgrims Way Route

Winchester & Pilgrims Way   Course Data

Winchester & Pilgrims Way Course Data

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