Running & Social Media in the UK

Brandwatch recently released an interesting research piece that looked at those of us who run and how we talk about it on Twitter.  According to the report, the UK health and fitness app market has an impressive 6.7m adult users. This number is predicted to double this year. What do the numbers say about our running habits? 

Times of day for running

Report Data – Times of day for running

It is a fairly lengthy report, so if you don’t have time to read it all you can find the top-line findings below. The tweet data is from January 2014 to January 2015, from publicly available data and about 250,000 tweets.

A summary

  • Males were at it more, with a gender split of 70:30 (male/female).
  • Runners who made it through the first 10 days were 50% more likely to keep going longer term.
  • 39% of January runners lasted more than 6 months.
  • Long-term runners (who didn’t drop out after 6 months) exercised at earlier times of the day including before work and weekdays. That’s dedication.
  • Based on hashtags, the top apps included nikeplus, runkeeper and endomondo.
  • The data suggested students are fairly inactive compared to their professional counterparts.
  • Longer term runners tended to exercise between 6 – 8am and 6 – 7pm weekdays.
  • Runners may require additional motivation 3 – 4 months into their running to help with perseverance and to keep them interested in the sport.
  • No negative correlation was found between running rates and precipitation.

Although this is only a snap-shot of what the running scene looks like (on Twitter), it has some interesting data for those looking to make contact with individuals in the running world.


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    Really interesting, informative post, thanks for sharing!

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