Celebrating the life of my father

This Friday was my dad’s birthday. The first time he wasn’t going to be here to celebrate it. The ‘first’ anything seems to be extremely hard going and all week I was feeling pretty miserable about what to do to celebrate his life. Knowing my mum was going to be by herself made it harder too. I called her on Friday morning to see how she was doing, then got in the car and drove to Hastings.

Birthday Banner

Birthday banner by my mum

I couldn’t stand the though of mum spending the day by herself. Earlier this week she said to me that I should do something silly and fun to remember him, rather than feel sad. So that is what we did – we spent the day together doing silly, fun things and had a pint in his memory later, at the Jenny Lind.

Arcade Hastings

Winning mum a plastic keyring on the 2p machines!

Emily in a Captain Hat

Emily in a Captain Hat

Mum playing Captain

Mum has such a tiny head!

Blue Reef Hastings

Blue Reef Aquarium Hastings -waiting for that photo opportunity.

Celebrating with a pint at the Jenny Lind

Celebrating with a pint at the Jenny Lind

These anniversaries are not easy and just as you think you’re getting less teary, upset or sad at the loss of a loved one, the smallest thing can leave you in a flood of tears. I’m really glad mum and I spent dad’s birthday together. It gave us a chance to talk about him, do things we did as a family again and ensured we were remembering him with a smile on our face.

Happy Birthday dad, miss you everyday.


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