The Garden – transforming the rubble

Buying a new house is great because you get a blank canvas to go wild on. However, you also get a garden. Having never needed any gardening skills before, this has been quite a challenge. Especially if you buy a Taylor Wimpey house! A few years on, here is how it has progressed.

Mud Pit Garden

Mud Pit Garden

I can’t find a photo of the very beginning but it was just a mud pit. The ‘garden’ was a square of builders rubble. All the nice soil is clearly shifted out and you are left with mud that is mixed with old brick, clay, stones, rubbish….that sort of thing.

Garden After The Patio Was Laid

Garden After The Patio Was Laid

The first stage was to get a professional in to create a nice patio, then the rest of it was down to us to get rid of as much of the bad stuff as possible and grow some grass.

Nice soil covering the bad stuff

Nice soil covering the bad stuff

Once the lawn was underway, we got a couple of apple trees for the back to try and brighten up (and cover) all that brick work.

Apple trees, fire pit and bunting

Apple trees, fire pit and bunting

It was still looking really empty and there was a lot of brick on show. Slowly we have been building it up. Sleepers at the back form a nice bedding area for lower plants and help to attract some wildlife to the garden.

Apple trees have grown and a bedding area was added

Apple trees have grown and a bedding area was added

The Garden July 201514


We are also trying to grow veggies to eat. We’re not that clued up on it, so it has been a trial and error approach this year. The boxes on the right were handmade and are now home to salad, herbs, broccoli, carrots, radishes and chilli peppers. They are the latest edition this summer. We’re not sure how well everything is going to grow – we’ve squashed them all in together a bit too much!

The Garden July 201501

Starting off life in the greenhouse

The Garden July 201512

Herbs, peas and chilli peppers planter

The Garden July 201516

Spring onions

The Garden July 201517

The lettuce planter

We’ve been trying to do this as cost effectively as possible. Making things where we can and making use of old bits of furniture. Who knows what it will look like next year?

The Garden July 201503

Buzzzz – popular with the bees

The Garden July 201504

More bee action

The Garden July 201506

Tomato plants

The Garden July 201509

Reusing mum’s old stairs

The Garden July 201510

Look at the green, green grass

The Garden July 201513

Back wall – now with solar lights, flowers and apples

The Garden July 201518

The patio floor and white(ish) stones


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  1. 26th July 2015 / 09:00

    Omg, this looks amazing. We could do with this kind of story telling for our home and work projects. Well done!

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