Halloween Fun in Hastings

This year I spent Halloween with one of my oldest friends and her family in Hastings. We’ve been friends since school but because we live far away from each other, we don’t get to socialise very often. 

HalloweenOctober2015Emily Wilkinson

Bonfire – starting off small

Donna was using Halloween as an excuse to burn off her garden cuttings (or for the children, an early Bonfire night).  I also used it as a good excuse to test out my new Canon 6D with its ultra fancy low-light capabilities. 

I didn’t take a tripod with me, so it’s all hand-held shots. Still, the photos didn’t turn out too badly. Take a look.

HalloweenOctober02 HalloweenOctober07 HalloweenOctober09 HalloweenOctober13 HalloweenOctober16 HalloweenOctober18 HalloweenOctober24 HalloweenOctober25 HalloweenOctober29

It was a really fun night – a chance to catch up, eat sweets and look at some old photographs together.

Can’t wait to do it again.

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