Day 19 of running

This December I decided to sign up to Marcothon. Excluding this month, I think the most days I have run consecutively are about 5. 31 days seemed like a tall order, but totally achievable…

I’m now on day 19, completely clear of the half way point and the 31st is starting to feel like it is getting closer. It’s been a funny journey so far.  I’ve been tracking all the runs and currently I’m on 66 miles for the month so far – thats getting close to the monthly distances when I was training earlier this year.

Marcothon Rules

Marcothon Rules

They haven’t all been easy runs either. There have been a few where my head has said “I don’t wanna go running.” but you push yourself to make it outside and whilst running your head says “I really don’t want to be running” but by the time you make it home, you feel like a champion.  Even if it was the minimal 25 minutes.

Even with the rubbish, tough runs where everything hurts, its amazing how strong my legs are feeling. The mileage isn’t too high (unless you want it to be) so it doesn’t tend to be long enough to make anything ache or creek.  My legs and back have been sore and I have suffered with tight calf muscles a few times but other than that, its actually felt great.

More numbers

More numbers

It is also teaching me to relax a little more about times, splits and distance. I was struggling after the marathon in April to find my ‘running mojo’ again but this challenge has really helped me discover the joys of running.

Although I am tracking my runs, I’m using it more as evidence for myself, to show what I can do.

As I am running everyday I am trying to listen to my body a bit more – working out what speed feels comfortable naturally, rather than trying to hit a certain time on my watch. Listening to my breathing, trying to adjust my breathing when the terrain gets tough and experimenting with different foods. Because the distance is fairly short, its easy to try new pre-running foods – if they don’t work out you’re not that far from home!

I’m really pleased to be part of this challenge and in some ways, a bit sad that we’re getting into the final weeks of it. I hope that this is a good kick-start into 2016 and a way to get back into the love of running.


  1. 19th December 2015 / 19:00

    I’m tempted to do a running streak as well– thanks for your inspiring post!

    • 19th December 2015 / 19:06

      You should do it. January is coming up.. Good time to start. Let me know how you get on 🙂

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