Getting Dirty in Fritham!

This month I finally joined in with one the running club events – the CC6. It is only open to club members but it is a friendly, relaxed race for all club abilities. You just turn up on the day sporting your club vest and away you go.

Garmin Data - CC6 13th December 2015

Garmin Data – CC6 13th December 2015

The course is different for each event, each running club takes it in turns to host. This month we were near Fritham for a very muddy New Forest 5 miler.

When the race starts, it starts quickly! It is very easy to get carried away at the crazy speed of some of the runners but I attempted to slow it down and not get regret it later.  I was warned about the big hill fairly near the beginning – so decided to make sure I kept some steam to make it all the way up in one go.

The marshals were all dressed up and very encouraging – whenever you turned the corner, there was another Father Christmas cheering you on.

It wasn’t that long until the hill appeared and I was determine to make it all the way to the top. I felt pretty smug when I started to overtake other runners on the hill – clearly all those Thursday nights at the club are paying off and the leg strength is kicking in.  Just to add – after this point, the speedy ones then over take me again on the flat!

All finished.

CC6 – completed

After this point, it pretty much turned into a bog! Some people appeared to glide, elegantly across the muddy trails but not me.

‘Splosh’ one foot in ankle deep. ‘Squelch’ there goes the other foot.

it was good fun though, a little mud takes your mind off the other stuff. Although it appeared not everyone was a massive fan of the mud – there were a few screams!

WADAC CC6 December 2015

WADAC CC6 December 2015

The runners in my club are pretty speedy so I was quite pleased to have made it back just in time for the group photo! The course was good fun and the cake selection at the end was immense, picking just one cake was a difficult decision.

We’re hosting the next one so i’ll have to wait until February to join in again. Thanks to Lordshill and Wessex Road Runners for this event.

Just a little muddy

Just a little muddy


  1. 31st December 2015 / 14:39

    A great year ………. Happy New Year

    • 2nd January 2016 / 14:47

      Thank you – you too!

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