Running in the cold

Well, the weather has certainly taken a turn this last week. We haven’t had any snow but we’ve been registering -3 degrees in temperature and the ground is frosty , crunchy and hard! I’ve been tying to get a bit more structure to my running schedule the last few weeks so I’ve been aiming for two club runs and one long run at the weekend.

Last Sunday - 8.5 mile run

Last Sunday – 8.5 mile run in Winchester. It started raining about 40 mins before we finished.

So far, this is my plan this week.

  • Tuesdaytrack session at the club.  3 sets of  3 mins 10k, 2 min jog. 2 mins 5k, 1 min jog. 1 min 1500, 30s static rest. 3 mins 10 k. 3 minute rest. This was a great session for trying to push myself to run faster but also maintain a regular speed. It is way to easy to start super-fast then crash after a couple of minutes
  • Thursday – social run with the club. I’m not sure what is in store but it usually involves some hills and about 5 miles worth of running.
  • Saturday – I’ve got the girls together for an 11 mile run. We’re heading to the Test Way. The terrain is a little tough going and might still be quit hard or icy. We’ll see what happens with the weather!

A few things to remember when running in the cold:

  1. Layers. Even if you’re like me and boil ten minutes into your run, take layers. It gets cold very quickly and the wind feels icy this time of year. Gloves and a long sleeved top are a must.
  2. Reflective gear. As the evenings are still dark it means visibility can be poor, make sure you have clothing that has reflective parts to it. If you’re planning a late run, it is also worth considering a head torch.
  3. Take time to warm up. It’s cold out there, so don’t skip your  warm up time. Even if you’re moving around inside. Jog up and down your stairs, try some drills in your hallway. It’ll be less of a shock when you walk out that door!
  4. Warm gear post-run. If your run doesn’t end at your front door, make sure you take some extra, warm layers for when you finish.  It’s important to keep yourself warm afterwards.
  5. Stay motivated. It can be tough to go out when it is so cold out there, try and organise to run with friends. That way you are committed and there are no excuses!

I hope you’re all managing to get out there in this temperature. It would be great to hear what running tips you have for combatting the cold weather! 

Dan - half MArathon

Dan rocking the gloves and long skins look! He managed a PB for his Half Time. on this run.

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