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Work has been busy, which means having time to sit and write blogs has been a bit sparse. The last few weeks of running have been really good fun so a round up of a few key runs and races is in order!

Track Sessions

I’m lucky to be part of a running club that has access to a track. On Tuesday nights, there are a couple of sessions organised – sometimes these are grass, sometimes they are on the track but they are both guaranteed to push you!

Track Data WADAC

Grass Session vs Track Session

I never ran on a track as a child, so this is a new experience in adulthood and I think it is great fun. The sessions are exhausting. Endurance and control appear to be key for these session but at the moment I am finding them a bit of a confidence boost in speed work. Having never been that speedy, it feels good being able to push myself (comfortably). At the moment I am still trying to work out how to balance my different splits – most of the sessions involve you running at different speeds.

Threshold, 5k, 10k, that sort of thing. It normally takes a while to work this out and not just run as fast as I can!

These sessions are getting harder as the weeks go on as many of the runners are training for marathons. Lets see how long I can last!

Long Runs

As well as playing on the track, I’m also adding a bit of mileage at the weekend and getting in a longer run on some muddy trails. Luckily, I’ve found a running buddy who is happy to be dragged out and join in the fun!

Test Way Run - 11 Miles

Test Way Run – 11 Miles

We had a great, but challenging run along part of the Test Way. We did the easier version and started at the top, near Inkpen, and run down to St Mary Bourne.

Although the route is downhill overall, there were still enough hills to make it a challenge.

I’m feeling pretty confident at the longer runs at the moment, I’m hoping that my next Half Marathon will feel like a fairly reasonable distance. Over the coming months it would be nice to build this up to around 20 miles.


The race calendar has been looking a little empty, so I’ve been trying to enter races last minute. The nice thing about late entry is that there isn’t too much time to worry about the race and I tend to look at them more as a training run.

Longleat 10k - Feb 2016

Longleat 10k – Feb 2016

A couple of local runs that I entered for the first time were the Stonehenge Stomp and Longleat 10k. Very different runs, but both great to have as part of my increased running.  I’ll get round to writing up these races separately soon.

On the running front 2016 has started really well. I’m getting into 3 regular sessions a week – speed, hills and long runs mixed in with some gym work. I’ve got a running buddy, which is really important for motivation and I’ve managed to pick up a couple of medals. Long may it continue…!

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