This Week – Race Entries!

I hope you all had a fab weekend of running, relaxing or adventure. I know a lot of people are back to work this week as it was schools half term last week. I was a bit slack at the weekend with running, I did want to go out for a 10 mile run but instead ended up going to a neighbours party on Saturday, drank lots of bubbly and spent most of Sunday in front of the TV. Whoops!

Brooks Glycerin 13

Brooks Glycerin 13

My new running shoes arrived last week – I’ve got myself a pair of Brooks Glycerin 13’s. The last model I owned  was the 11, so I am hoping it isn’t too much of a change. They feel super springy and comfy whilst wandering about the house in them. Boing, boing!

Race Entry

As I’ve got a new pair of shoes to break in, it only seemed right to sign up to some races and get some well-needed goals in place. Due to the lack of running on Sunday, I signed up to a few races in March – Eastbourne Half, Tempest 10 and Hastings Half. So thats three races in three weeks…

Two of these are new races for me – Eastbourne and Tempest. Hastings will be the third time I’ve run it, so hopefully I can knock off a few minutes from last time.

Training this week

The plan is to get in three to four runs this week..

  • Monday5 miles (wasn’t a great run)
  • Tuesday – track session – 6 sets of 8 x 3.5 Mins (Alternating pace 10K /Threshold ) ( 90 rec. )
  • Thursday – Social club run (usually hills are involved!)
  • Sat / Sun – Long run (ideally 10 miles)


What have you got in store this week?

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