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It was a beautiful, but slightly chilly evening in Winchester on the track last night.  I’ve been attending the Tuesday sessions for a few weeks now as these are aimed at improving your endurance. At this time of the year, the marathon runners split off and do longer, hard loops at Harestock whilst those of us not wishing to completely kill ourselves stick to the track.

Starting off with a good drill session (this week involved shooing chickens – thanks to Shirley for that gem!) we then headed over to the grass track for 6 – 8 sets of 3.5 minutes with a 90s recovery.

Grass session

Grass session data

The idea was to alternate your pace, starting with your 10k pace then threshold, and so on. Every week I really struggle with this! Based on recent performance, my splits should be..

  • 10k – 8:30 min/miles
  • Threshold – 9:15 – 9:30 min/miles

For some reason, I just seem to run too fast. Whilst running around, my head is saying “You could not keep up this 8 min mile pace for an entire Half Marathon – SLOW DOWN” but my legs don’t listen.

It’s tricky mentally. I want to get faster as a runner and these session really boost my confidence, and prove to me that it is physically possible to get my little legs turning quicker, but I feel they’re an unrealistic representation of what I could do on race day.



As you can see these ended up being much faster. A half marathon with 8:20 splits? Haha, yes please.  For 40 minutes, with short breaks, this felt challenging but achievable.  Given my half marathon has taken over 2 hours in the past, I couldn’t imagine keeping this pace up.

Does anyone else have difficulty with this type of training?I’m definitely going to stick it at and hopefully I’ll learn to control my pace a little better so I don’t go out too fast on race day.

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