Easter Sunday Water Meadows Run

To help us all feel a little less guilty about the scoffing of chocolate eggs, the running club organises the Water Meadows 20 once a year. Now in its third year, it was great to see so many faces this morning – not only from our running club but from other local ones too.  

WADAC Water Meadows 2016

Strava – WADAC Water Meadows 2016

The loop for the course starts at the Park and Ride, takes you over towards the college,  along Kingsgate Road, up the hill to the Hockley Viaduct, past St Catherine’s Hill and back to the start.

It is about a 4.2 mile circuit and you are welcome to run 1 to 5 loops, depending on your training plan.

Signing in!

The start – signing in!

This is great for the marathon lot. A chance to squeeze out 20/22 miles before the big day but it is also a nice way to get in a slow, longer run if you fancy a bit of company and somewhere to store your stuff.

Me nearing the top of the hill!

Me nearing the top of the hill!

My upper leg muscles and glutes have been feeling really tired the last couple of days. The sort of ache that means you make funny noises walking up stairs or getting out of your seat! Nasseem and I ran this together and both decided, fairly quickly, we were not feeling the need to race around. Instead, we slowed it down, chatted a lot and tried to get in as much mileage as possible before the heavens opened.

Fuel stop mid laps

Fuel stop mid laps

We’d been pretty lucky with the weather. We started running around 8:30am but once we got to around 9 miles the drips started appearing! It was great running in a vest until this point. The drips turned into heavy rain which was swiftly followed by hail stones!

Nasseem at the top of the hill

Nasseem at the top of the hill

Happy that we’d achieved over 10 miles, we both decided the windy, hail like rain wasn’t much fun so took a short-cut on our third lap and got back in having covered about 11.5 miles.

Dan squirting James with his gel. Messy!

Dan squirting James with his gel. Messy!

My legs felt like they had a lot of energy but my muscles felt tired. It was a really positive run and good to have lots of other runners to pass, say hello to and cheer on.

This is one of my favourite runs with the club as the miles just roll past without you really realising it.

There is always a lot of support for each other and it is great to be able do as much or little as you fancy on the day. This year there was an added bonus of not needing to look at my watch for pace but just enjoying it instead.

Post-run cake!

Post-run cake!

After all that, it must be time to go and devour a chocolate bunny!

The photographs were all taken by Paul (who was running it today) and you can see all his fab photography work over on SmugMug.


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  1. 27th March 2016 / 14:49

    YES! Chocolate after a run seems like the perfect reward. I love reading all about these running clubs it makes me wish I could find one by me. I’m sure the upper east side of Manhattan has one. Does it matter if you are a beginner? I would be afraid to be left behind on all the long milages. https://runningtomilan.wordpress.com/

    • 27th March 2016 / 14:55

      Running clubs are brilliant, I was so worried about my first session as I’m much slower than the speedy ones. But you meet people similar to you, you’re not left behind and you get so much more confident being surrounded by all the runners with experience. I hope you manage to find a club near you. Happy running (and chocolate eating!)

      • 27th March 2016 / 15:04

        Thanks yes I will look into it! Happy chocolate eating day hahaha.

  2. 27th March 2016 / 15:33

    A great Easter day. I eat a lot of chocolate. the plump eggs. This year I do it all by yourself. my mother is very happy. great. Happy Easter!

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