A running streak

I’ve been a little quiet recently as I have been improving my site. Moving from a WordPress hosted blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog has a taken a bit longer than I hoped. Anyway, it is completed and with a shiny new theme! I hope you like it.

I’ve had a couple of weeks off. It wasn’t intentional, there was just a lot of things going in both at work and personally. Dan ran the Brighton Marathon (and got a PB) so I decided just to wait until he was recovered and join him at a leisurely pace.

Trail shoes have been dusted off, time to find some mud!

Trail shoes have been dusted off, time to find some mud!

We’ve decided to run every day, for the immediate future. I did this last year (you might remember the Marcothon) and challenged myself to running everyday throughout December. It was tough going but worth it afterwards. I had amazing leg strength.


Right, time to find out where this newly discovered footpath goes!

I’m currently on day 4 for this run streak and it is really tough going! Having a couple of weeks off certainly makes it hard to get going again.

We’re aiming for 5 miles per day and to hit the trails. There has been a lot of training on the road and track so it is nice to get that squidgy feeling underfoot again!

Lets see how long we can go for….!

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