Testing out the Audi R8

Well that isn’t strictly true…but I did get to drive one, around a track! At Christmas I was given an ‘R8 Thrill’ voucher so that I could have a go at driving the Audi R8 without the traffic or speed limits. 

The Audi R8 Thrill took place at Thruxton Circuit; the course is known to be fast and on a super weather day, like I had it is a brilliant circuit to visit. The experience is an hour long and starts off with a briefing video to give you an understanding of the circuit and what the cones and flags mean.

Thruxton R806

After the briefing, you are then taken around the track by an instructor. There were 3 of us in the Skoda, taken around the course a few times – so we could get a feel for what it was really like and start to understand how the briefing related to actually doing it.

Once this was over it was time to get in the Audi R8 – woo hoo! Before setting off, there is a chance to pose with the car (and buy the photos later). The instructor hops in the passenger seat and off you go.

Thruxton R8 04

Strike a pose.

I got drive 3 laps, which went really quickly (well, I guess it would in a supercar!) but it was lots of fun.

It isn’t everyday you are told to “watch out for the helicopter on your right” when behind a wheel!

It was great to just be able to drive and put your foot down, as the instructor was pretty much acting as my eyes for the rest of the track.  The car was really easy to drive and very similar to my TT for seating but a much higher price tag!

Posing with my score chart

Posing with my score chart

Thruxton R8 08

What does this bit do? Only kidding.

After the drive, I got the chance to have a free lap in a Skoda Octavia Estate, driven by an instructor…I think I can still smell the burning of the tyres now.

If you like cars, here are some shots from the day.

Thruxton R814


Thruxton R801 Thruxton R802 Thruxton R805 Thruxton R809 Thruxton R812 Thruxton R817 Thruxton R818

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