Photos: Baby chicks fledgling the nest

Next door have blue tits in their bird house and I’m pretty certain the nest got disturbed yesterday evening. This morning I came out to find one dead chick and one very chirpy little fluff ball.  If you find chicks, the advice is to leave them – mum and dad will eventually come. We waited quite a while, but the position of the chick was really hidden.After a couple of hours, we decided to move it a small distance away, up a little higher, so that mum and dad could see the baby – and it worked! It didn’t take long and they appeared, with food, for the chick. We waited in anticipation for the little chick to feed and try to take off but then we noticed that the parents came over but stopped giving it food – not a great sign. Unfortunately, an hour or so later we noticed the chick had died. Nature can be both beautiful and cruel.

When I spotted him this morning, I took a few snaps. Here is the little fluff ball (who looks a little like a grumpy old man).

Blue tit chick01 Blue tit chick03 Blue tit chick06 Blue tit chick09 Blue tit chick14

Blue Tit and Parent34

Have you got birds nesting in your garden?

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