Running, Cycling and Roller Skates!

Last week was a tough one for training and general exercise. Dan was using it as his final push for Race to the King and ended up racking up around 70 miles over the week! As I have been supporting him (on runs, but not doing the same distance), I was also out and about a fair bit. Lots of muscles took a bit of a battering as a result and I’ve been walking a little funny since Friday.

Skates, cycles and Insanity!

Skates, cycles and Insanity!

We had a bank holiday on the Monday – the plan was to go out for a nice, long cycle but I felt so tired and lethargic. I think the long run on the Sunday had taken it out of me and my body just needed some rest. Monday ended up being a relaxing one, a bit of pottering around in the garden and sofa time.

Having Monday off, I felt much better on Tuesday – less zombie like and ready to do some exercise. What was great about the week was the variety of exercise; my week ended up looking like this:

  1. Tuesday –  3 mile recovery run, 7 mile cycle. The weather was horrid – wind and rain.
  2. Wednesday3.5 mile run. Legs feeling pretty sore. (Global Running Day)
  3. Thursday2 mile run, Insanity Class, PiYO class. Hot, sweaty classes!
  4. Friday3.5 breakfast cycle, 9.5 mile evening ride.
  5. Saturday2 mile roller skate, 5 mile cycle.
  6. Sunday8 mile morning run, 2.5 mile evening run. Scorchio!
Highclere running in the heat!


It felt like every muscle group had a work out this week. Throwing in the Insanity and PiYo classes certainly worked a few more muscles! I’m pretty new to these types of classes, which made them a bit more challenging. I could really feel my abs and quads being worked hard – especially when it came to the cycle the next day.

I hadn’t been on my skates for a really long time. They are my 20 year old Bauer Turbos, the bearings needed cleaning and the shells dusting off before I put them on.  It was a giggle to try them out again but there were so many stones around – not great on a pair of quads. I soon got back into the swing of it after a couple of miles.

I’m feeling a little more confident on my bike after this week. I’m not really getting high mileage yet, but feeling less tense and gripping the handlebars a little less feels like progress. It is also nice to try out a bit of trail and mud on the bike – challenging yet fun!

How is your week of exercise looking? Any race plans coming up?


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  1. 8th June 2016 / 20:16

    Hi, nice blog! Impressive week of workouts! I’m getting excited about getting 30ish miles a week in but check out Dan racking up 70! Well done to both of you!
    Keep it up!

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