I want to ride my bicycle

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting out on my bike and I’m really enjoying it. Not that I’ve given up running altogether, but as its been fairly warm, facing the heat on the bike has won over the trainers!

Morning views whilst out on the bike

Morning views whilst out on the bike

Begin a beginner at all this stuff, I’ve been trying to read up on how to improve my riding technique. Two issues i’ve had:

  1. Numb hands
  2. Fear of downhills

I know, a fear of downhills sounds stupid – after all that huffing and puffing UP the hills, you’d think I’d enjoy the downhills. No. My brain starts saying “Don’t go too fast, you’ll hit a car, a car will hit you, you’ll fall off, you’ll end up in a bush, POT-HOLES” and so on.

By going out each day, I have been trying to build up my confidence and it appears to be working. I also discovered a reason I’m so fearful on the hills – feeling totally out of control. Apparently, this isn’t how it should be! Having sorted out how to use my gears a little more efficiently, hills are feeling a bit more steady. However, I still fear pot holes!

Bike = cake!

Bike = cake!

As for the numb hands… I’m not really sure. I’ve tried gloves (to distribute the pressure) but it seems to be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes, I’ll have no issues but on other rides I’ll get pins and needles in my hand after being on the bike for a few minutes. I was hoping it was because of being rigid and tense – which I figure will go with confidence and miles.

Here is to more hills, longer rides and an increase in confidence.


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