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The whole fitness thing has been a tad slow over the summer and my fitness mojo has been in hiding. It is too easy to get stuck in the mindset of ‘doing it tomorrow’. In order not to become one with my sofa, I decided to sign up to something a little different.  If I give them my money, there is no backing out….and so I have now started CrossFit!

What is CrossFit you ask? Well, I don’t really know so I decided to attend a bootcamp to find out. The first day was today, I set the alarm for 6am (sob) and headed to the venue for a 7am start, fuelled by a banana and a lot of wishful thinking.

I figured I’d be super amazing and RUN home. Haha. What a fool.


The class was brilliant. It was a beginners session and there were about 8 of us in total. A few of the class had some previous sessions under their belts so we were able to watch what they were doing. Initially, we started with some plastic pipes to get the moves correct – nice and easy! Then it was followed by sets of running (uh-oh).

The whole session is based around sets within a timeframe, which I assume gets a little easier as you feel more confident in the movement. My knees were feeling really sore from yesterdays cycle, so I was struggling to squat too low and as a result I think I was tiring my upper body.

One thing that was really great was the team spirit. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking doing something new that you’re potentially crap at, but the support was spot on.

The final 15 minutes were the toughest part. Squats thrusts with a bar, then rowing, then squats with throwing a ball, then running, then more squat thrusts. I had to swap out the rowing for running as my knees just couldn’t take it. Which meant even more running!

I’m really happy I took a change of top because I was dripping at the end! What a workout and this is only the beginning.

I decided to try and run home after this. I stuck on my vest, walked out with another class member then I started running. 3/4 of a mile in and I was done! My legs were like jelly and I was so hungry. I called Dan and told him to meet me in town for breakfast.

1.01 mi Distance 9:02.0 Time 8:59 Pace (min/mi)

1.01 mi Distance
9:02.0 Time
8:59 Pace (min/mi)

It was a mile to Costa from CrossFit and it was tough going. What a total nutter for thinking I’d be able to run after that. Lesson learn’t. I’ll take my bike next time 😉


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  1. Kevin Deadbeat
    12th September 2016 / 22:28

    Think about how your sofa feels. Abandoned; lost; alone. Even suicidal. At least take it with you to show it you still love it.

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