Fritham New Forest Walk

Yesterday was a horrid wet and dreary, stuck indoors type of Saturday. Filled with promises of blue skies and sunshine on Sunday, I decided to plan a trip to the New Forest for a morning walk. After a quick search, I found a gorgeous route based in Fritham; what a perfect day for it.

Fritham Walk 13th November 2016

Autumn in Fritham

I found the route from a non-official New Forest National Park website, they provided details of where to park and an easy to follow photo guide of where to go. The whole route was just over 4.5 miles and took us around 1 hour 20 minutes at a decent pace. We also had a couple of pooches with us, so there was the occasional stop off for sniffs and exploring.

It is easy to find the car park as it is right next to the Royal Oak (The Royal Oak, Fritham, Lyndhurst SO43 7HJ). The postcode took us a little further down from the pub, but not by much. 

The route is easy underfoot and fairly flat. There are a couple of hills, but nothing too challenging.

There were plenty of other walkers out as well as cyclists along this route so be prepared to say hello a lot. We forgot to stop off and take stock of the ‘Sherwood Forest’ scene as mentioned in the guide. Maybe time to replay the movie to spot it?

Fritham New Forest Walk Autumn

Top: Memorial bench dedicated to New Forest film maker and conservationist Eric Ashby

The route takes you out through various enclosures, then brings you back to your starting point. When we got back to the car park, we headed over to the Royal Oak for a mountain of cheese for lunch!

We all enjoyed this walked a lot, especially this time of year. We didn’t see a lot of wildlife but it was fairly busy with people, cyclists and dogs so they were probably being sensible and hiding. If you want to give this route a try, you can view the printer friendly version here.

A few more snaps from the route and the tracked route on Strava:





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