Touchscreen Friendly Cycling Gloves

The lovely people at eGlove have given me a pair of Winter Cycling gloves to road test. They arrived at the right time – just as it was starting to get chilly! I’ve only been wearing them a few times so far but now the weather is getting worse, Ill be able to try them out and give a full review.


These gloves are designed for cycling; resisting the rain and stopping your fingers going numb in the cold winds.

The added bonus is you don’t have to take them off to use your phone, handy in our data tracking app obsession days. There is a pad at the tip of the thumb and finger (see below) to allow you to use your phone screen without having to fumble about when you need to access Google maps.


The eGlove website has a handy sizing guide – make sure you use this before you purchase. It’s laid out in a very simple manner and tells you exactly how to measure up before placing your order.

The range isn’t limited to cycling; they are a sport glove manufacturer and offer a range for running, skiing and equestrian. 

So far, the gloves are keeping my hands toasty without them turning into a sweaty mess. I’ll soon be heading out in the rain and mud to see how they feel after a couple of hours of cycling!

Review coming soon.

Please note, I am not being paid by eGlove to write this review. They are simply being awesome and getting their product out there to show off their glove making skills.

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