Making memories in 2016

I know that 2016 has had a lot of negative press. Rather than focusing on all of that I am viewing New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to reflect and be thankful for the wonderful memories we’ve made this year. Can you add some of your own?

My year - 2016

Just a few of mine…

  • Seeing mum beat cancer. She is an amazing pillar of strength and wasn’t going to give in for one moment. 
  • Being grateful for the friendship and kindest that comes in the form of Mandy. She is that little sprinkle of fairy dust you need in tough times. 
  • Getting a PB at Tempest 10 – even though the first 3 miles were very dull, I had Dan to push me through.
  • Visiting Guernsey for the first time and being utterly spoilt by the hotel.
  • Driving an R8 at Thruxton.
  • Watching and supporting Dan complete his first Ultra – Race to the King. It was an enormous challenge, but he managed it. It was great having a chance to run a few miles with him.
  • Starting crossfit and meeting a fantastic bunch of people. 
  • Getting a bicycle and exploring the local area. Who knew that cycling to a pub could be considered a sport?!
  • Seeing Seb and Kez tie the knot – and having lots of fun learning some new dance moves.
  • Celebrating WADAC turning 40. Seeing all the positive things that club has achieved across a wide range of ages and abilities.
  • Enjoying cheese and bubbles for my birthday, surrounded by friends and family. 
  • Having a wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day at home. Eating too much cheese, drinking too much bubbly and playing silly games.
There were plenty more, but these are a few of the ones that come to mind.  Do you have any happy memories of your own to add?
Have a wonderful evening seeing in 2017. See you on the other side.

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