Soggy Cycling Weather

After the celebrations of the New Year had started to slow down and we stubbled to bed at 2am, we decided that we’d set the alarm for 7am and embrace the first of January 2017 with some cycling. “Beep, beep, beep” at 7am; I quickly hit snooze and rolled over. 


Waking again around 10am, it was probably time to get up! Oh what a glorious day – mist, grey skies and rain. A perfect way to kick start the year. A bit of rain isn’t going to spoil anything.  I’ve been suffering for just over a week with flu and have literally been crawling at the walls to get out and do some exercise. Knowing that my lungs still don’t feel like they are functioning correctly, we decided on an easy route around, to see how I would get on.

I’ve had a bit of wet weather bike gear that has needed a good test, so today was perfect. The couple of items are the Hump Strobe women’s waterproof jacket and the eGlove Winter Cycling gloves.

The jacket – Hump Strobe women’s waterproof 

This is brilliant! When I ordered it last year, I was a bit uncertain which size to get. I usually gets tops in a UK 10 but wanted to allow for layers underneath so opted for the UK 12. It is a little big on me (the problem of being short) but they have handy velcro strips on the cuffs that you can tighten up, so they are not flapping around. I was as dry as a bone when I got home and nice and toasty.

Hump Strobe women's cycling jacket

It genuinely feels like they thought about women when they made this jacket. The other features I love on this jacket:

  • Colour – I got mine in a Pink Glo. You will be seen on the roads!
  • Massive reflective chevrons – these are on the back and arms of the jacket. Again, great for being seen.
  • Pocket – there is a handy pocket on the bottom right, it fits your phone in and you don’t really notice the weight or feel lopsided.
  • Neck drawcord – it is hidden under some fabric so that your hair doesn’t get caught in it. Genius.

The gloves – eGlove winter cycling gloves

When we first headed out the door, I had my summer, fingerless gloves on. What an idiot! That rain is icy! We quickly turned around and I picked up these gloves instead. Ahh, so warm and snug.

eGlove Winter Cycling Glove - Emily Wilkinson

The idea of these gloves is that they are phone fingertip friendly, but also function as decent cycling gloves as well. My hands stayed mostly dry, but I started to get a bit wet around the thumb area after half an hour. Other nice features of these gloves:

  • Warm – you don’t feel the wind or rain. No getting cold down to your phalanges.
  • Padded – they feature a gel pad to help with over-gripping and bumpy surfaces.


Back home


It wasn’t a long ride, I really struggled breathing properly and I feel like its going to take a couple of weeks to get back to fitness. The only way is up from here tho, I have a lot of cheese to work off!

Did anyone else make it out today?


  1. 1st January 2017 / 16:30

    Well Done for making it out. I volunteered at parkrun this morning and got soaked. After a nap this afternoon the rain is horrendous. I did have plans to go out but I guess that’ll be tomorrow now.

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