Yoga is awesome

Now I’ve got used to feeling the aches from Crossfit, I thought it would be a good idea to pick up a class that helps with my flexibility and mobility. Our local community centre has started running yoga classes, its only a short walk away and I’ve managed around 5 sessions so far.


I don’t know very much about the different types of yoga, but these sessions are based on Ashtanga Yoga. The emphasis is on the breath, building your core and working through some challenging poses!

So far, we’ve been through various vinyasas and we’ve focused on all the areas I tend to ache – hips, shoulders, back. The session lasts an hour and it is incredible to see the difference in your pose from the start to the end of a class. I’m usually sweating after an hour, but the sessions are really helping me to stretch out and challenge my body.

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The focus within the classes is always to concentrate on the breath. As silly as it sounds, it is so easy to forget to breath when you’re trying something difficult. Getting into good practice helps across all my sports – crossfit, running and cycling.

Stacey is a fantastic teacher, very calm and patient. She’s incredibly impressive at the moves and always breaks them down to make it easy for beginners to feel challenged but welcomed into this exercise. 

I’ll be having a couple of weeks off now (holiday – woo hoo) so hopefully it wont be too much of a shock to the body when I return.

If you’re local, you should check out her website – Yoga with Stacey – give it a go, you might just love it.

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