Cycling Training WK 2

As part of increasing my mileage, I’ve also been trying to eat and little better and drink a little less. As it is Monday, I decided to jump on the scales for my weekly weigh-in. Very chuffed that the first two weeks have paid off – I have lost 2KG – woo hoo. Very good for motivation and makes all the muscle soreness worth it! Although I am struggling to walk and tackle stairs this morning.

WK 2.1 – 2.5

The target last week was to get in 2 x hill session (10 miles) and 1 long ride (25 miles) – all achieved with a sneaky cycle to Crossfit as well.

On Wednesday, I headed out for my first hill session. It had been quite wet and so the ground was super muddy, with lots of puddles. I feel a bit nervous when it is this wet – so I didn’t quite have the guts to fly down the hills!

wk2.2 hills muddy

Wednesday – WK2.2 muddy hills

The session was good fun, challenging, but great to give the legs a blast. I was absolutely covered in mud by the end!


The second hill session was on Thursday. My goodness it was windy! At points, it felt like trying to cycle through jam. It makes such a difference to confidence when it is really gusty. You can be cycling along, then suddenly a side wind makes you feel like your bike is going to be taken out! This was a longer hill, climbing up to the top of one of the valleys. Beautiful views at the and fun on the way back down!

The hills are getting a bit better, I still struggling with getting into the correct gear initially.

Hopefully, after a few more weeks, I’ll get a lot more used to gear changes when it comes to these long, steep hills.

wk 2 3 Dry hills

Thursday – WK2.3 dry hills

The long ride

Sunday was all set for the long ride, a target of 25 miles. Forgetting about the clocks going forward in the morning, we thought we would be super impressive and get up at 6am to get out first thing. The alarm went off and it was dark! Whoops, back to bed for a couple of hours then. For some reason, it seemed like a great idea to go to the Crossfit glutes session at 10am – before we headed out.

The session was a bit of a killer, but the idea was that the muscles would be nice and warmed up before heading on the bikes!

It was a gorgeous day out, some wind, but plenty of sunshine. We wanted to attempt a slightly flatter course, but try to stay on the bike for the duration. After 2 miles in, I fell off the bike! Trying to look cool about it, I brushed it off. The session was a little hillier than we had planned – a few leg challenges in place!


Longride – 31 miles

We also took a slightly different route to what we had planned, which made the ride longer than 25 miles – in the end, we did just over 31!