Female Athletes Facing Saddlesore

As a newbie in the saddle, each ride is a new experience and a chance to learn something about my bike and position. A numb bum and groin after a hard ride is something I had expected, but it is difficult to know when ‘normal’ might be a bigger issue and something that needs changing. 

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I came across an article, written by Emily Chappell on the subject. Her article points out that the design of a saddle isn’t that well suited to the genetic make up of the ladies.

The design challenge is mind-boggling. Not only does each woman have a unique arrangement of sit bones, hip sockets, inner and outer labia, clitoris, body fat and muscle, there’s also the seemingly insurmountable challenge of deriving some sort of rational measurement from all this. 

The article covers off padded shorts, labia ‘innies’ and ‘outies’, saddle design and why pubic hair is a good thing. With terms such as “flap mash” – you know it is a worthy read. The full article is available over on casquette. Enjoy!

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