Celebrating PBs

It’ll be coming up to a year since I started CrossFit, where has the time gone?! Sometimes it can be really hard to see improvements in sport and I’ve had a bit of a dry spell for PB’s of late. This morning, I was super pleased to get an Overhead Squat!

Team AFS

Whilst it might not sound mega impressive a weight; I’m not great at this overhead stuff. It has taken me a year to perfect my squat as it is! But today I managed 25kg and it felt controlled with better technique. *Progress dance*

If you are not sure what one looks like – here is a useful video from WODStar

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  1. Karly Livewoman
    11th July 2017 / 00:43

    Well done. Been doing a few squats myself. I put it down to something I ate. The prawn phall, probably.

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