About Emily

I love to get outside and have some adventures when I can. Running, cycling or exploring new places on foot – it is good to get out and see the world around us. I’ve met some fantastic people on both the trails and through social communities and can’t wait to see more of this planet we call home.


In 2014 I decided to take a big step and start my own company.  Before that, I was working for other people in different marketing agencies. When I told others my plan, they thought I was brave and crazy for taking such a big step. After years of talking about it, Social You was born.


2014 was also a tough year for me as I lost my father, however I was fortunate enough to setup my company before he died and share my big plans. Even though he can’t be around to share in my adventures his support is still with me every day.

Mum, Dad and I Christmas 2013

Our last Christmas with Dad (2013)