Craft CMS gets selected by W3C

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W3C have selected the Craft CMS to build the re-design of their website.

When we started Social You Limited, Dan and I quickly decided to align ourselves to Craft CMS. Whilst many hadn't heard of Craft, we saw its potential for both our clients and the tech it uses. A solid CMS, but something that was hugely flexible for our clients and the non-tech users.

It is brilliant to learn that W3C are migrating to Craft CMS - we love it and have always hoped it would get the traction it deserved. We enjoy building websites using Craft and are so happy to hear this. It's a great CMS for both developers and those who have to manage it. If built well, non technical users should find it a breeze to keep their websites updated.

A few examples of our handy work using Craft CMS

Well done Craft, we're excited to see what's next.

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