New Client: The Childhood Photographer

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I'm delighted to be working with Cristina, an exceptionally talented Photographer based in Basingstoke.

Based at her studio, Cristina talks me through her exciting plans for 2020 and the incredible achievements she has obtained since starting her business in 2008. It is clear from the moment you meet her, that she has a wealth of experience and passion for the work she does.

I was appointed by Cristina to help her grow and develop her current marketing strategy for 2020. Whilst Cristina already has a strong marketing presence, there were ways that we could look to help her tweak and build on this success.

On top of this, Cristina is launching a new area to her business - The Business Photographer - and wanted to ensure she was making the most of the platforms available to her.

As a small business owner, you are likely to have to take on many roles within your business. From finance to product development and sales and marketing. My sessions aim to help you take a step back and ensure the time and effort you're spending on your marketing is working. The workshops are interactive, helping you to understand what to look for and how to maximise your engagement on these platforms.

These sessions involve looking at your audiences - who they are and where they are likely to hang out and engage with you. When we have an understand of your different customers, we'll then take a detailed look at the platforms you are using to see if they are a good fit. Once we have these two vital bits of information, a strategy can then start to be built to engage with these groups.

Emily's 1:1 social media strategy day workshop was crucial in helping me gain a better understanding of how to proceed with online marketing in 2020. She quickly gained an accurate understanding of my brand and business purposes, and was able to guide me through how to achieve my client targeting goals through a variety of mediums. I felt that she really understood the pain points of a small business - the information she presented was clear, concise and geared at helping me plan and execute specific and manageable tasks without overwhelm. An excellent marketer! - Cristina, The Childhood Photographer

It was great to work with Cristina and I wish her all the best for her new venture this year.

If you need a hand with your marketing strategy for 2020, get in touch or join my Facebook Page for social media tips and advice.

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