Getting your COVID-19 communications right

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This week there were a few interesting updates on how shopping habits have been changing. As most of you can imagine, grocery shopping is at its highest, but sadly fashion has seen some of its lowest figures in recent history.

As a result of lockdown, Facebook and YouTube are now seeing a massive spike in usage. Whilst this is great for the platforms, it means we need to be more responsible as brands or companies when it comes to our messaging.

Trends indicate that we're seeing a backlash towards brands that are playing on the COVID-19 messaging for financial gain. These generic emails from CEOs of companies are not hitting the mark, are feeling very impersonal and are no better than the hundreds of emails that got sent after GDPR.

This is the time to be offering that more personal, empathetic touch. Whilst you can't head out for face-to-face meetings with your customers you can look to turn off automated messaging and delivery more of a personal touch through video calls and messaging.

A few other updates you might have missed

Facebook COVID-19 community hub

Head to and you can now request or offer help to your community. The first places to get this feature rollout are the US, UK, France, Australia and Canada with more countries being added as the weeks roll on.

Snapchat App Stories

Snapchat now has their own version of Stories-style content - users are able to show off their content in other apps too. When people shoot a photo or video in the Snapchat camera, they’ll get options to share it to their Story within other apps integrated with Snap Kit.

Request access to Story Kit

Need a break from COVID-19 news?

Blogging platform tumblr have released cozy tumblr to help with a little positivity in these times. The feed is full of fun things such as cakes, crafts and animal GIFS. What's not to like?

Learn@Home from YouTube

YouTube have partnered with learning creators to create help families who are looking to offer tuition for their children throughout lockdown. Topics are broken into different age groups and subjects to offer a wide choice to mange, across the globe. Learn at home with YouTube.

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