Temptations and running
After claiming to be back 'on it' with the running, progress has been a little sluggish! However, after not wanting to go out this evening for a run I managed a decent interval session. … View Post

The groom wedding speech
Last month our wonderful friends tied the knot. It was a perfect day - relaxed, sunny and a lot of fun. They are a fab couple and it was brilliant to be able to spend the day celebrating with them. Congrats Mr & Mrs Beynon!… View Post

St Paul's Cathedral London - from the top!
Last Friday we headed to London town to watch the Clipper Round The World Race finish come into St Katherine Dock. The boats were due in on Saturday and Dan had a Clipper team 17 - 18 meeting to attend the day before, so I had some time to meet up with a friend and have a wander around London. It was a nice change to head to London for fun, rather than business.… View Post

Time has been a bit stretched the last few months. I've mostly been sat down - in the car, at my desk or at a hospital. A short while ago we had the conversation you all dread to hear. Cancer. My mum has been diagnosed with cancer. Before you can process it, you are knee deep in words, hospital appointments and working out what on earth half the acronyms mean.… View Post