This May Day I headed to Hastings for the annual Jack in the Green (JITG) celebrations. Following a phase out in 1889, the JITG parade was revived in 1983 and is still going strong today. The parade takes place in the Old Town and leads up to the West Hill where Jack is slain (symbolically of course) and the spirit of Summer is released.… View Post

Each year I like to do something to celebrate my mums birthday, as she has loads of 'stuff' it is great to go and see something new. This is easily one of the best hotels I've stayed in. The staff exceeded all expectations, dinner was delicious and we have great memories to treasure. … View Post

Airbnb Bathroom
My second time supporting the Brighton Marathon and once again, the weather did not disappoint! This year we decided to stay in Brighton for a couple of nights and stay at an airbnb appointment with friends.… View Post

The View at the End
I've been a little quiet recently as I have been improving my site. Moving from a Wordpress hosted blog to a self-hosted Wordpress blog has a taken a bit longer than I hoped. Anyway, it is completed and with a shiny new theme! I hope you like it. … View Post