Time has been a bit stretched the last few months. I've mostly been sat down - in the car, at my desk or at a hospital. A short while ago we had the conversation you all dread to hear. Cancer. My mum has been diagnosed with cancer. Before you can process it, you are knee deep in words, hospital appointments and working out what on earth half the acronyms mean.… View Post

What a day! 53.5 miles from Arundel to Winchester, a new utramarathon challenge from Threshold Sports across the South Downs Way. I wasn't running the entire thing but was supporting Dan with a section of it cheering people on. … View Post

It was a pretty horrible start to the Summer Solstice but come the evening, the skies had cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful evening. Stonehenge was looking to be a little busy (and charging £15 to park!) so we headed to St Mary Bourne just as the sun was setting. … View Post

Running in Highclere
Last week was a tough one for training and general exercise. Dan was using it as his final push for Race to the King and ended up racking up about 70 miles over the week! As i've been supporting him (on runs, but not doing the same distance), I was also out and about a fair bit. Lots of muscles took a bit of a battering as a result and I've been walking a little funny since Friday.… View Post