WADAC 40th Celebration - John Miller & the Mayor
This month my running club turned 40. To help celebrate this, a small team of WADAC members organised a birthday bash at the running track including cake, relays, speeches, live music and a bar. … View Post

The event showcases local produce - fish, wine, vodka, potatoes - lots to choose from! There were plenty of stalls to check out and lots of food and wine to sample.… View Post

One thing that was really great was the team spirit. It's always a bit nerve-wracking doing something new that you're potentially crap at, but the support was spot on. … View Post

Blenheim Palace on emilywilkinson.co.uk
At the end of August, we took a trip to Blenheim Palace. I've always wanted to visit and on this particular weekend they also had a transport show/event taking place. It was a busy day, but there wasn't too much waiting and the grounds are so large it is easy to lose the crowds. If you've never heard of it, Blenheim Palace was built as a gift and celebration in the early 18th century.… View Post