Strava App Insights Report 2016

Strava have circulated their App stats for 2016; if you’re a fan of data then the following post might get you a little excited! If you’re unfamiliar with the App, it is used by millions of runners and cyclists to track their activities. All wrapped up within an online community.

Image credit: Jered Gruber

Image credit: Jered Gruber

This is the third year running the company have issued a report, giving some great insights into the behaviours and trends of the UK’s runners and cyclists

“The Strava End of Year Insights report shows the healthy growth of the Strava community and how the UK continues to lead the way in cycling and running in terms of participation levels. From the thousands of parkrunners uploading their Saturday morning runs to our first Global Bike to Work Day, every one of the 27.4 million rides and 16.9 million runs in the UK tells a story and the End of Year Insights shows the cumulative impact of the Strava community.” – UK Country Manager, Strava

A fair amount of data has been shared by Strava, the follow stats focus on the UK aspect of the report. The data range is from 1st October 2015 to 1st October 2016.

Running: 16.9 million activities logged

  • 60,264 marathons completed
  • Sunday, 11th September was the most active day for running
  • Men are just in the lead with average distance, elevation gain and moving time
  • London is the most active city (2 million activities)
  • Thursday 9th June was the most popular commuting day running

Cycling: 27.4 million activities logged

  • Sunday 8th May was the most active day for cycling
  • Men are in the lead with average distance, speed and time in saddle
  • London is the most active city (4.4 million activities logged)
  • Flattest average ride was York
  • Tuesday 19th July was the most popular commute day on a bike


Cycling - averages per ride

Cycling – averages per ride

Cycling - top segments

Cycling – top segments

Running - averages per run

Running – averages per run

Running - most active places in the UK

Running – most active places in the UK

Globally, cyclists shared a total of 161 million rides in 2016, they clocked up a total of 5.8 billion km. Runners around the world uploaded 86.7 million runs to Strava, logged 419,338 completed marathons and clocked up an impressive total distance of 718.6 million km

If you want to find out more about the App, please visit


Thank you to Strava for providing these details and graphics. Photo credits to Tour of Britain and Jered Gruber, provided by Strava.

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